Prosci 三天變革管理全球認可證書課程|七月


七月|7.17 – 7.19|週三至週五


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七月|7.17 – 7.19|週三至週五

在這個 3 天互動式學習課程中,導師會帶領學員學習 Prosci 方法論,把這套方法論逐步運用在學員的工作項目之中,實際演練一份專為工作項目而設計的變革管理策略及計畫。完成課程後,參加者將能利用 Prosci 方法論掌握組織變革的策略與方法,有效管理整個變革流程,協助不同崗位各施其職,達成變革目標與績效。

日程:3 日培訓 (每日 8 小時)

可選擇 1) 英語導師及教材,或 2) 廣東話導師及英文教材


有 (需於課程開始 5 天前完成)


#About the Training Program

*Q: What will I learn in this program?*
A: Our programprovides comprehensive training in global recognized Prosci methodology, offering practical tools and best practice that can be applied to facilitate effective change within organizations.

B. Manager, sponsor and employee program are also offered to cater different needs in the organization.

*Q: Who should attend this program?*
A: The program is ideal for professionals involved in change management, project management, human resources, or anyone interested in acquiring skills to manage organizational change effectively.

*Q: Is there a certification upon completion?*
A: Yes, you will receive a certification and official Prosci certified digital badge of the completed program that recognise your expertise in change management.

#Registration and Payment

*Q: How do I register for the program?*
A: You can register online through our website or contact our registration team at for assistance.

*Q: What forms of payment do you accept?*
A: We accept cheque and bank transfer. If you need special arrangement, please contact our finance department at for detailed information.

*Q: Can I get a refund if I cannot attend the program?*
A: Fees are non-refundable. However, you have a one-time option to postpone your program attendance. Please inform us at least three weeks prior to the program start date at

#Discounts and Offers

*Q: How do I qualify for the early bird discount?*
A: Register for the program by the specified early bird deadline, and the discount will be automatically applied to your total fee.

*Q: Can I combine discounts from the referral program and the early bird offer?*
A: No, discounts cannot be combined. You may choose the offer that provides the most benefit to you.

*Q: What is included in the Prosci gift package for same-day payment?*
A: The Prosci gift package includes exclusive change management resources and tools. Contact us for a detailed list of package contents.

#Program Materials and Access

*Q: Will I receive program materials in advance?*
A: Yes, digital program materials will be provided upon enrollment, allowing you to prepare for the program ahead of time.

*Q: How long do I have access to the Prosci Portal?*
A: You will have one year of complimentary access to the Prosci Portal from the date of your program registration.

#After the Program

*Q: Is there post-program support available?*
A: Yes, we offer post-program support. You can access the Prosci Portal for additional resources and reach out to our alumni network for guidance. Moreover, you may request a complimentary 30 minute advisory call with our Prosci expert for asking questions, discussing challenges, and getting customized advice on applying the methodology. This ensures you have ongoing support to effectively leverage your new change management capabilities.

*Q: Can I use the program materials to train others?*
A: The program materials are for personal use only. To train others, please contact us about our train-the-trainer programs.

For any other questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at We’re here to help you navigate your change management journey.



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